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Population explosion

The population is growing largerliving longer and getting richer driving unprecedented demand growth for energy and resources.

Over the next 20 years the global population will grow to exceed 9.1 billion people while the urban middle class will grow by an estimated 3 billion people.

This population explosion will drive extraordinary demand for natural resources pushing our global annual consumption for resources beyond 350 billion tonnes per annum in 2040 (Up from 90 billion tonnes in 2017)


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The global resources trilemma

This unprecedented demand for more must be met with exponentially less and in ways that create a fair and equal society.

Meeting this demand in the same way that we have done in the past will be catastrophic to our environment and to life as we know it. Not meeting it would be worse.

The great industrial reinvention

The global industrial ecosystem must be reinvented to meet global demand in a scalable and more sustainable way.

New and emerging technologies are supporting fundamental changes in the way we live, work and relate to one another, forcing companies to rethink how they create value and for whom.

This provides nations, governments, companies, organisations and individuals the opportunity to imagine how we might do exponentially more with exponentially less, and in ways that bring about a fair and equal society.

This is an opportunity as large as has ever been presented in history.


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The platform for the great industrial reinvention

Over the next 20 years our global industrial ecosystem must be reinvented to meet global demand for natural resources in a scalable and sustainable way.

risex is the industrial digital marketplace and utility platform that enables entities to source, procure, manage and execute work in a single online and secure environment.

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Our Projects

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BioPass is a digital platform providing a biosecurity solution to ocean going vessels travelling throughout world. BioPass manages vessel hull clean, inspection and maintenance process and data, providing an immutable record of events from order-to-pay.


QuayChain is the worlds first end to end digital platform designed specifically to optimise bunkering operations from sourcing through to settlement and to automate the hydrocarbon custody and title transfer.

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In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
— Albert Einstein